Teacher crouches down next to student in an elementary school room.

K-12 Education

A Track Record of Earning Trust

With an extensive network of ten public high schools, 12 middle schools, two combination schools and 45 elementary schools, Volusia County Schools — the 14th largest public school district in Florida — offer comprehensive and diverse learning experiences for students. Volusia FL’s commitment to educational excellence is further enhanced by numerous charter and private schools, offering specialized pathways and controlled learning environments that encourage independent exploration, ensuring every child has access to top-tier education tailored to their needs.

Exceeds Florida and the U.S. For Percentage of Residents Over 25 with H.S. Diploma or Higher Volusia Economic Development
“B” Rated School District (Volusia County Schools) Florida Department of Education, 2021-2022 School Year
~47% Of Volusia County Schools Instructional Staff Hold Advanced Degrees (Postgraduate, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees) Volusia County Schools
155 Students from Volusia County Schools Earned Associate Degrees in 2021 Volusia County Schools

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